COVID-19 Update

Update 3/13/20 (Email and Remind may be more up to date):We have been closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19, and are aware that local school districts have recently announced closures, but in an effort to support all of our families, and in consideration of the fact that local health authorities have not yet recommended closing schools, as of now, the school will remain open next week, however there will be no classes on Monday, March 16th. As of today, we plan to have classes resume from Tuesday, March 17th onward. Over the next three days, we will be reviewing where and when any members of our school community may have traveled over the past couple of weeks, review plans of action and any agency updates that might impact them, and go through additional and thorough cleaning and disinfecting efforts while children are not present.Any family who chooses to keep their child at home next week will be excused from any absence with no impact for missing school. We respect every family’s right to manage the health and safety of their own family members.


Any previously scheduled tests (usually applicable to older children), including but not limited to the Iowa Test for Basic Skills, will be rescheduled. Any parent teacher conferences, the book fair and the science fair will also be postponed until further notice. We will not take any more outside visitors.


In order to ensure adequate staff, and determine where and when any members of our school community may have traveled over the past couple of weeks, we have created an online form that we are now requiring all families to complete to the best of their knowledge. We sincerely apologize, in advance, that we need to make this a requirement however in light of the current situation, we feel it is necessary for us to best respond to this fluid situation.

What we ask of you:


-Starting next week, and until further notice, we are limiting the number of people entering our building. All children enrolled in our Toddler and younger age classes, or children enrolled in an All Day program that do not use the morning or afternoon carpool lane, will need to be dropped off and picked up at the front door. Children over age 2 will need to be dropped off and picked up at the carpool line. Obviously, this may cause a longer than normal drop off/pickup process; we appreciate your understanding in advance.


-Continue to monitor, as per your preferred method, for updates from the school.


-Continue to follow recommended guidelines with regards to handwashing for you and your children


-If possible, avoid events with large crowds


-Help all of us and take the initiative to keep your child home if he/she displays any symptoms of illness, not just those normally attributed to Coronavirus. Please remember that children must be fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of medication in order to return to school. We are escalating our health and safety guidelines and will immediately separate any children that display symptoms of illness from other children. Additionally, until further notice, we will require parents to arrange pickup of a sick child immediately, not to exceed 1 hour. You may wish to go ahead and speak with any individuals designated as authorized pickups for your child and inform them of this escalated requirement.