Enhanced Health and Safety Guidelines

Dear Parent or Guardian,

In response to COVID-19, SCMS has made changes to its operations and facilities designed to prevent the contraction and spread of COVID-19, limit exposure and comply with recommendations and best practices by various health agencies including local and state health officials.

These guidelines have been prepared in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services and experienced medical professionals that SCMS leadership has had discussions with. Above and beyond common recommendations, our leadership team has researched and implemented other measures in response to the situation including the implementation of sanitizing shoe mats at campus entry points and installation of outdoor misting stations in order to promote greater outside time, especially outdoor learning time.

All classrooms at all SCMS facilities are equipped with operable windows, in-room child size, hand washing sinks and restrooms dedicated to a particular class to help prevent spread by sharing of common facilities.

For more details on our enhanced Health and Safety guidelines, please view the document here: HERE.

The above guidelines have been revised and enhanced since April, 2020 and will continue to change in response to the situation at hand.