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The Pre-primary program provides concrete Montessori exercises, which enables children to learn many different concepts at their own pace and level of readiness.   The materials and lessons of our classrooms are arranged from simple to complex and concrete to abstract, so that the child may learn by choice of materials. Each piece of the Montessori apparatus is designed to give children a new experience and to develop a specific concept. Subjects include Language, Math, Geography, Science and Social-Studies. Students also participate in Spanish, Computer, Music and Physical Education classes in addition to reading time in our school library.


3.5 years to Kindergarten


Program Options Timings Days Options
1. Half Day 8:30am – 12:00pm 5 days/Week
2. Extended Day 8:30am – 2:30pm 5 days/Week
3. All Day 6:30am – 6:30pm 5 days/Week

Pre Primary Program Activities

  • Practical Life area activities to develop independence, self-confidence, orderliness, coordination and concentration
  • Working with the didactic (self-teaching)  sensorial materials that inspire children and sharpen their senses
  • An array of Montessori materials to develop vocabulary, pre reading and writing skills
  • Hands on approach to learning Math, to comprehend the abstract materials
  • Science exploration and Geographic awareness using the Montessori materials
  • Integrated Art activities to explore different media and textures
  • Cultural enrichment with ongoing celebrations of Fall Festival, different cultural celebrations, International Day, Field Day and similar events
  • Spanish Lessons with the Spanish Language teacher
  • Daily outdoor play that involves free play and organized games
  • Weekly lessons with the P.E. instructor
  • Weekly lessons with  the Music teacher