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“We had a wonderful experience at Sugar Creek Montessori School! All three of our children began in a Transition class and stayed through Kindergarten.  We searched for schooling options, 11 years ago when we had only one child, but were very dissatisfied with our choices.  While we were returning home from another disappointing visit we decided to stop at Sugar Creek Montessori School. We met their caring staff and were hooked!  The rest is history and our experience was enjoyable and enriching as each of our children has matured and matriculated through the program.”

Ronique Bastine Robinson

“When we toured Sugar Creek Montessori School back in 2009, the first thing that impressed us was the loving environment and the spacious classrooms. Our daughter started there when she was 3 and continued till kindergarten and loved the school. We got introduced to the Montessori system through Sugar Creek and were very impressed with how everything is taught in a fun hands-on way here. This encouraged our daughter’s natural curiosity to learn and made learning an exciting activity for her. The teachers are very experienced and are very skilled at understanding each child and helping them learn in their individualized way. After school care is also very good and we have been very touched several times by how well they care for the children and make them feel comfortable. We enrolled our son this year and our good experience with the school continues. This school is close to our heart for being a happy part of our children’s lives.”

Anjana and Saravanan Krishnapuram

“Our son attended Sugar Creek Montessori starting at the age of 18 months. This was our first experience with any type of child care facility and Sugar Creek Montessori has set a very high bar in regards to our expectations of any school or facility that our children will attend in the future.

From the owner, to the administrators, to the teachers, everyone at Sugar Creek was intimately involved in the welfare of our son.

Ms. Trehan worked with us from our very first tour of the school until the last day our son was enrolled to ensure that all of our expectations were being met. She was extremely thorough in explaining the philosophy and structure of the Montessori system and ensuring that we had a clear understanding of what the experience would be like for our son.

The administration staff at Sugar Creek were a joy to work with. Just like Ms.Trehan and the teachers, they took the time and effort to familiarize themselves with all of the kids and their parents and anyone else that entered the school. They make sure that the parents are aware of any event, service or issue occurring at the school. They communicated with with us regularly via email, phone and handouts to ensure that all of their information was timely and relevant.

All of our son’s teachers at every level were exactly what a parent would want from someone who spends so much time with their children. They were excellent about communicating with all of the parents about the progress and development of their children. They would provide detailed daily reports and were always available to discuss any issues that needed elaboration. More importantly, we felt the teachers did an amazing job of creating a bond with our son and provided a comfortable and nurturing environment for him to grow and develop in. We see the benefits of their effort in, not only the things that he learned, but also in the confidence they instilled in him.

As parents of a young toddler, we could not have asked for a better place for our child. They attended every need that we could think of and many more that we couldn’t have imagined. We would recommend Sugar Creek Montessori to any parent that is looking for a place that they can trust with the welfare of their children.”

Mr. and Mrs. Tewari

“Its been a wonderful start for our daughter Vidushi, with SCMS. The staff were warm to welcome her and made her comfortable in her new environment.  Within a span of 4-5 weeks, we could notice a good change in her.  Her vocabulary improved drastically & she started using more sign language.  We were glad to notice a great deal improvement in her motor skills.  We are proud each time she displays her skills at home.  We are now doubly sure that SCMS is the right choice for our daughter.”

Subashree & Anand