Summer School

Sugar Creek Montessori offers a fun filled summer school program from June to August. The “camps” are offered in short 2 week sessions, or monthly. The Summer program includes field trips to museums, theater (plays), and other fun destinations. On campus visiting attractions such as a magic show, petting zoo, puppeteers and similar activities are also scheduled. Although the summer is a more relaxing environment for children, children still have opportunities to work with Montessori materials to continue learning academic skills. Using the Montessori approach, children explore and learn new skills or practice previously taught skills through fun and interesting themes. This program covers Language, Math, Science, Geography, Art & Craft and practical life experiences.

Dulles Avenue campus flyers:

2017 Summer Camp at SCMS (Y Todd to Trans)

2017 Summer Camp at SCMS (Pre Kinder)

2017 Summer Camp at SCMS (Kinder to Lower Elem)

Katy Campus flyer:

Katy Campus Summer Flyer

To enroll, please contact us.